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(Source: Standard & Consensus 3rd-Party Audit)
  • Project Assets

    As of November 30, 2019, the assets of the XMAX project were valued at 18,520,305.09 USD.

  • Miners

    As of November 30, 2019, we had 37,097 miners, the value of which has been included in liquid assets. The cumulative number of BTC generated in November was 231.07 BTC.

  • Token Buybacks

    From November's BTC revenue, 46.21 BTC is reserved for XMX token buybacks. This buyback is ongoing and once completed will be posted on our official site.

  • Buyback Totals

    As of November 30, 2019, XMAX has destroyed 601,895,447.71 XMX to date and consumed 159.38 BTC in token buybacks. Including the current buyback a total of 266 BTC has been allotted.

XMX Token Economy
The XMAX team is committed to building decentralized mining communities and supporting the future of decentralization. XMAX will continue to expand its hash power and continuously improve the project's operations. The short-term goal is to achieve 5% of the entire Bitcoin network's Hash Power.
XMAX uses XMX to enable anyone to participate in the process of Bitcoin hash re-decentralization.
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Note: Foundation fund is mainly used for market operations and Hash Power Expansion.
* Date: July 16, 2019. Source: Etherscan
[Announcement] Sixth XMX Buyback Plan!
Announcing the sixth XMX buyback plan, XMAX's December Bitcoin mining revenue was 194.6565 BTC. According to the buyback rule, 20% of mining revenue, which for the current month is 46.2146 BTC, will be used to complete the XMX repurchase. After the repurchase is completed, we will announce the buyback and destruction (token burn) address data across our official channels.
[Announcement] 27,040 TH/s of Hash Power added to XMAX
We are proud to announce that an additional 27,040 TH/s of Bitcoin hash power is now online on the XMAX network.
[Announcement] Fifth XMX Buyback Plan!
Announcing the Fifth XMX buyback plan, XMAX's November Bitcoin mining revenue was 231.0732 BTC, according to our communities decision to use 20% of mining revenue for buybacks, 46.2146 BTC will be used to complete the XMX repurchase. After the repurchase is completed, the buyback and destruction (token burn) address data will be publicly announced across our official channels.
XMX Listed on Huobi Pool ECO - XMX/BTC & XMX/ETH Trading Pairs
We’re proud to announce a listing partnership with #Huobi Pool’s Exchange. Huobi Pool is now one of ...
MXC Exchange will List XMX and Giveaway 5 BTC of XMX
MXC will list XMX on the main board and open trading for the XMX/USDT and XMX/BTC trading pairs. Cli...
BiKi.com will list XMX at 14:00 on July 23rd
The Biki Exchange will open XMX deposits and withdrawals at 14:00 GMT+8 on July 22nd and XMX/USDT an...
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